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Modern lens technology and materials make it possible for a great number of people of all ages to wear contact lenses, whether it is for every day wear or occasional social or sports use, there could be a lens for you. At Rayner & Taylor we use most of the major contact lens suppliers so we will fit the appropriate lenses for your eyes. From gas permeable through to the latest extended wear soft lenses we are happy to discuss your requirements, and offer a free initial contact lens consultation. (Please note that a fee may be payable if an initial eye examination is needed).

Multifocal contact lenses are now widely worn successfully. Available in both gas permeable and soft materials, there is even now a daily disposable soft lens option very useful for occassional wear. Free trials are available for these and all lenses. One of the main problems that some soft lens wearers experience is end of day dryness and thus discomfort. New silicone hydrogel materials which allow vastly increased levels of oxygen to the eye have greatly improved patient comfort.

These materials initially only available for monthly replacement lenses can now be obtained in daily form, adding the benefits of the cleanliness and convenience to that of ocular health comfort... almost the ultimate contact lens. So whether it is daily disposable through to gas permeable multifocal, we offer a comprehensive contact lens fitting service.

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