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When dispensing your prescription every care will be taken to meet your individual requirements - your occupation, lifestyle and leisure time may need different types of lenses.

Modern technology means that you no longer have to put up with thick, heavy and unflattering lenses. High index materials are now available in plastic, which means lenses can be made thinner and lighter than before. The above lenses all come with anti reflection coatings, which virtually eliminate all distracting and unsightly reflections on the lens.

Even if your prescription is minimal, but you drive at night or use a VDU, these coatings will make life more comfortable for you as well as improving the cosmetic appearance of your spectacles.

Bifocals whilst not a thing of the past, are now largely superseded by progressive or varifocal lenses. These enable you to see clearly at all distances - especially useful if, as more of us do these days, you use a computer whether at work or home.

Most lenses can be supplied with a wide range of tints or in photochromic form which darken outside in bright light. Photochromics available in plastic for some time now are now available in thinner high index forms as well as glass.

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